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Now manufacturing in South Bend, Indiana

Schafer Gear Works manufactures small, precision gears with tolerances to .0004" for the aerospace and automotive industries as well as for medical instruments, light and heavy industrial products, recreational vehicles and material handling companies.


Recently Schafer Gear Works moved its Fort Wayne, Indiana, capabilities to its South Bend facility to produce gears and shafts for commercial aviation. This facility specializes in a variety of CNC precision-critical machining processes. State-of-the-art CNC lathes and CNC Swiss-style lathes, operated by some of the most experienced personnel in the field, achieve tolerances to .0004" and microfinishes to 16 RMS.

This plant also specializes in manufacturing BORette Brand small-diameter carbide blanks for I.D. cutting. Small-diameter carbide BORette® blanks provide you with reduced tool costs and less down time.

Thirty years of quality performance substantiates Schafer Gear Works South Bend’s commitment to excellence. Here we assure the highest-quality standards in addition to providing reliable support from engineering through delivery to exceptional aftermarket service.

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